Six Shooter Games is a small, independant game company that mainly consists of one mad gamer trying to make his way in the game design industry. This website will eventually undego a big change visually. But for now, you can still access all that I have to offer game-wise. Enjoy!

History & Overview

EGO sarted off as an effort to put an entire RPG on a single sheet of paper. I did manage to succeed by creating Wizards & Weapons, a generic, rules-lite fanatasy game. This game formed the basis of what would someday become the EGO System. But you can still read the original rules by clicking here.

The next effort was a conversion from a very cool home-brewed game called Force 9, a sci-fi action game that originally used the FUDGE rules. That conversion can be viewed here.

Which brings us, finally, to the actual EGO game. This system is available for free online in .pdf format. I invite anyone who is interested to print the rules out, play with them, tear them apart, and give me feedback.

4/28/06 - Added the latest, and very close to final version today. Made a lot of changes and additions, including a couple of pieces of artwork. Began adding the "fluff" necessary to make the whole thing work, including advice on how to use EGO for a fantasy game. Bear in mind it's very rudimentary and incomplete, and will most likely be drastically different in the final version. Also, there will be similar sections for other genres.

Download the latest version of EGO-Playtest here. (Updated 04/28/2006)

Download the latest version of the PDF Character Sheet here.

Download the latest version of the Excel Character Sheet here.

D20 Boxing is a short set of rules I wrote to use the d20 system to simulate the excitement of a boxing match.

D&D 3.5 Character Sheet - I found this great Excel sheet on the web. The credit goes to the creator, whose name and email are on the first Sheet. It has just about everything you would need to make a character, with added features for the Forgotten Realms setting.

Next up is a freebee that I wrote about eight years ago. Remember that cartoon "Gargoyles" back in the mid 90's? Well, I wrote up rules for playing those kinds of Gargoyles in the World of Darkness. Presented here are those rules, in their original format. They may need some tweaking to be usable with the new WoD rules set, but here they are.

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