Defenders of the night...

Chapter 1: In the Beginning...

The Curse

In Greek Mythology, Calibus, the mortal son of Hera, was a strong and fearless prince. He feared nothing and took sport in persecuting those below him. He was rarely acted against, for he was the son of the Queen of Gods, and few would tempt her wrath. Yet, they actually had little to fear from her, for Calibus' ire was stronger than most would think possible, and he was ruthless to his enemies.

Among his more vulgar habits was the hunting of rare animals. Calibus was a renowned hunter, boasting the deaths of some of the most fantastic and fearsome creatures of his era. Yet it was this passion which lead to his downfall.

Among the more exotic of his favored prey were the legendary winged horses. These were highly sought after by the Prince, and he hunted them all to extinction, with the exception of Pegasus, the Stallion. Zeus, who had tolerated Calibus because of his wife, was outraged and would stand no further for this behavior. As punishment for his crimes against the Gods, Zeus cursed Calibus to wear a monstrous guise. None would be able to look upon him without feeling fear.

To further the curse, Calibus, and those who were cursed with him as his confidants, were deemed to turn to stone by the light of day. No longer would they be able to bask in the sunlight, but would have to wallow in the darkness of night.

To allow them to atone for their crimes, the followers of Calibus were charged with the nightly protection of the human populace. It became their driving goal, few of which could deny.

The Sundering

When the weight of the curse was felt, many who were affected fled the countryside, hoping to escape its power by ranging beyond Zeus' reach. But the Father of the Gods' reach was long indeed, and none found haven from the curse.

In time they settled into new regions. In their newfound roles as protectors of the night, they became valued members of ancient civilizations. They were there to protect, and that is what they did, quite effectively.

The Atonement

After many centuries, the Gods offered to lift the curse. But to their surprise, many did not want to be human. By now, all that had been with Calibus were dead and gone, and those who remained knew nothing other than what they were.

The Age of Man

In the middle ages man began to come into his own. He no longer needed the protection of the Gargoyles, which is what the sons of Calibus were now called. This lack of need soon turned to distrust. Many Gargoyles left the realms of man, and sought refuge in the wilds. But man was persistent, and the huntings began. After many Gargoyles were slain, the remainder went into hiding, calling on innate abilities to muddle the memories of themselves. In time man all but forgot them. Yet a few remained, and fewer still remember the oath to Zeus, and to man.

The Oath to Protect.

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