The fiction of Tom!

Welcome to my depository of fiction. Mainly this page will feature tidbits and fiction projects in various states of completion. It's mainly here for my own use, but also to allow others to get a glimpse of my writing style. Many different genres and story-types will be presented. Feel free to have a look around, and shoot me an email if you have any comments!

The Test - This story is set in the fictional world of Rokugan, and is based on my L5R rpg character, Hida Gotetsu. It takes place many years after the Clan Wars, when Gotetsu is much older then when I played him.

Magni in Hell - This is a vignette designed to introduce my Mutants & Matserminds character, Magni, Norse God of Strength, to the campaign at the time. We never finished the campaign, but I liked this little story. It takes place after the first major mission of our supergroup. Magni has been transported to another world by the nefarious Dungeon Master.

Gortek - My gaming group is currently playing AEG's "The World's Largest Dungeon" and in it I play an Orc named Gortek. I play an orc, because my dwarf was killed in the second session. The story presented here was how I originally intended to get Gortek in there. This isn't the story we used, because the DM already had an explanation in mind. But I liked this one, so I finished it. And here it is.

Though it's not fiction, I thought I'd post an Orcish poem I wrote one day. I rather like it.