The Artwork of Tom!

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So, I decided to open a page to showcase some of my art. Mostly right now it will be digital art. I used to hang out at a forum ( where people would do a lot of pictures of superheroes in the style of Bruce Timm (Batman: the Animated Series), and in the style of the X-Men: Evolution cartoon. The whole idea behind the artwork there was to use a blank "template" and create a new picture. I did a lot of superheroes, and a lot of character illustrations for the RPGs I played in. Below are some of the better ones. Hope you enjoy them! And I will probably add more as I make/find them.

This was my idea for what the Marvel Universe would be like in the time of the Batman Beyond cartoon. Daredevil's granddaughter has taken up his mantle, Steve Rogers is now head of Shield, there is a new Captain America, and Hercules has returned to mentor a young boy who has become the new weilder of Mj÷÷llnir (Thor's hammer).

This is my adventuring party in our ongoing trek through AEG's The World's Largest Dungeon. From Left to right we have: Cyrus, Xeph Psionicist; Sigmund, Human Fighter; Gortek (me), Orc Warrior; Ozwald, Gnome Necromancer/Pale Master; and Silverstar, Elven Rogue.

And this is Brak the Dwarven Barbarian, my original character, before he was killed in the second session, and later replaced with Gortek.

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